Membership in Theta—whether we’re alumnae or collegians—challenges us, supports us, and makes us better people. In turn, by supporting Theta, we gain opportunities to renew old friendships, contribute to a better world, and amass incredible experiences. By supporting Theta, we are part of something larger than ourselves.

By paying alumnae per capita dues, you can help fund alumnae programs; maintain record-keeping; establish new chapters; recognize 25-, 50- and 75-year Thetas; and continue your subscription to the Theta magazine.

Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal provides you another way to pay per capita dues – for life! – and receive all four issues of the Theta Magazine each year. Learn more about Life Loyal.


About Omaha Alumnae Chapter

We invite any woman who is an alumna of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity and living in the greater Omaha area to join our alumnae chapter.

Regardless of where life takes us, the bond we share with other Thetas, the link between each of us and the Fraternity, is strong. When we think of Theta, it is important that we think not only of the past, but also of the present and the future. One way to provide for a strong Fraternity, both today and tomorrow, is for each alumna to pay annual dues to Kappa Alpha Theta.

It is through your support that our alumnae chapter continues to meet the needs of our community. Our annual dues help support our alumnae chapter. These funds support our gifts to the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation and CASA, Founders Day and convention activities. A portion of your annual dues goes to headquarters to keep you in good standing with the Fraternity. The remainder helps support us as an alumnae chapter. You can increase your support of our local chapter by becoming a "Supporting Member."

If you are a Life Loyal Theta, you do not have to pay the national dues of $30.00 per year, but we do ask that you pay the $10 local chapter dues each year. As the number of Life Loyal Thetas increases, we have to continue to support our local chapter, too. We’ve added information for Life Loyal Thetas on how you can support our chapter. Information about becoming a Life Loyal Theta is available on or in the Theta Magazine.

If you have questions about dues or membership, please contact Treasurer Emilie Workentine.